Thursday, July 12, 2007

New Feature

There is an new feature on my wonderful blog. A poll!!! I hope you will vote. I will try to change it every week or whenever I remember. This is so neat. Please, please, please vote.
P.S. My last post was the longest one yet. Yay me!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Basketball and Harry

This week 10:00-12:00 I am doing basketball camp. It wouldn't be so bad except that the gym is so hot that there could be a river from all the sweat and we only got one 2 minute break half way through. But I got through it all with my best friend who was car pooling with me.
Anyway now to the Harry part. Harry as in Potter of course. I am going to see the movie in IMAX! Isn't that amazing. I am so excited. Just so you know Snape is evil.

You might not understand my reason for the different colors and if you do wow that is amazing.
Dark Orange- for basketball because that is where I talk about.
Dark Purple- for the evil wizards in Harry Potter like Snape.
Light Orange- for the good wizards in Harry Potter.
For fun try to guess what the other colors in my blog stand for.

laugher, talker, human :)